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,Great bag! Congrats!!! I bought mine when she came out and still loving her!! lv bags,

They're beautiful! congrats! louis vuitton bags


very cute lv bags


Thanks for all your inputs... I got the vernis business card holder in the end... After so many sleepless nights...finally a reveal..and anotherI think it would best serve as a coin purse for me I saw the mini pochette and yes, it's way too big to be used just as a coin purse... I didn't ask to see the wapity coz I read online that its size is about the same as the mini pochette... the zcp and key pouch are next in my list... louis vuitton purse


I was: LV

,I live in an area where you see more LVs in one day than ants on the ground. So I'm used to it. louis vuitton luggage,

V&Lexus07 , danicky , precious-gucci, ayla - Thank you~~ precious-gucci...I'm going to bann myself from getting anymore for a little while :( LVMode - they are all kept nicely in my wardrobes :) So i get to sleep on the bed :P peevenjo - mum did too!! missyanne - Yes!!! I do lose track of lv bags